Martina Jäggi

mintpink is Martina's jewelery design studio. She creates jewelry and objects inspired by nature, architecture and daily life. Mainly she works with silver, using a lost wax process. Every piece is one of a kind and made in her signature style.

Sacha Christener

Sacha maintains a workshop with a darkroom for analog photography and film. Mainly working with black and white silver photography, Sacha focusses on historic techniques adapting them for his own photography. Apart from his creating his own work, he also teaches classes on photography and darkroom techniques to small groups.

Hilary Sherrington Ross

Hilary is an artist specialising in etching. She is also a paper maker using recyclable raw materials to compose individual artworks. In her etching she uses a range of techniques including multicolour photoetching. Her most recent works bring together her two areas of expertise by combining her modernistic etchings and her individualistic paper art through the techinique of Chine-collè.

Meghan Howard

Meghan is the owner and founder of TRö, a ceramics and design studio. She creates patterns inspired by architectural forms and details. She uses these patterns to adorn functional ceramics and home decor items. Meghan also teaches pottery classes and workshops in a fun, relaxed environment.

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